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Strategic partnership involves Hystar’s HyPilot project; JM to supply MEAs for more efficient electrolysers for hydrogen production.

Here’s an article from PRWIRE.

According to the article,

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The reasons for such a deal according to the article are

  • Johnson Matthey and Hystar, have announced a strategic partnership to develop and manufacture cutting-edge electrolysers
  • Johnson Matthey will provide membrane electrode assemblies (MEAs) as part of Hystar’s commercialization ramp-up.

Hystar plans to use the MEAs in their PEM electrolysers in the HyPilot project. The HyPilot project is significant for the hydrogen economy as it represents a groundbreaking in-field demonstration of Hystar’s one-megawatt PEM electrolysers under real-world conditions. This project aims to verify Hystar’s patented technology under realistic field conditions, showcasing the capabilities of large-scale green hydrogen production. The project’s key objectives include:

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  1. Cost-Effective Production: The project aims to demonstrate the cost-effectiveness of producing green hydrogen using renewable energy sources like wind power, which is essential for large-scale adoption.
  2. Reliability and Scalability: The HyPilot project will test the reliability and scalability of Hystar’s technology under various operating regimes, providing performance data for long-term commercial operation.
  3. Collaboration and Innovation: The project brings together leading industry players, including ABB, Equinor, Yara, and Gassco, to drive technological advancements and accelerate the adoption of green hydrogen.
  4. Meeting European Targets: Hystar’s recent test results show that the company already meets or exceeds the European targets for clean hydrogen production, highlighting the potential of their technology to contribute to the global transition to clean energy.
  5. Commercial Deployment: The HyPilot project is a key step towards scaling up and enabling widespread commercial deployment of large-scale green hydrogen production, which is critical for decarbonizing hard-to-abate sectors.

Overall, the HyPilot project is a crucial milestone in the development of the hydrogen economy, as it aims to overcome the intermittent nature of renewable energy sources and produce green hydrogen cost-effectively, reliably, and at scale.

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