India's Largest Deal for Green Hydrogen PEM Electrolyzers
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Ohmium, NTPC join hands in India’s largest deal for PEM Electrolyzers; Plans to deploy 400 MW of projects in 2-year agreement.

Here’s an article posted in Economic Times about the mega deal of Ohmium and NTPC for PEM electrolyzers.

According to the article,

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  • Ohmium and NTPC Renewable Energy (REL) have partnered for the largest-ever deal for PEM electrolyzers in India.
  • Ohmium’s patented electrolyzers will be deployed in up to 400 MW of projects
  •  The partnership aims to help NTPC deploy 5 GW of renewable energy for green hydrogen and ammonia production.
  • The agreement is valid for a period of two years, through to May 2025.

This partnership is going to play a huge role in achieving India’s National Green Hydrogen Mission. But how?

  1. National Target: The mission aims to set up at least 5 MMT per annum of green hydrogen production facilities by 2030, which requires a renewable energy (RE) capacity addition of about 125 GW. NTPC’s deal with Ohmium for proton exchange membrane (PEM) electrolysers is a significant contribution towards achieving this national target.
  2. Renewable Energy Capacity: NTPC’s partnership with Ohmium is part of its ambitious goal to deploy 60 GW of renewable energy capacity by 2032, which aligns with the national target of increasing renewable energy capacity to meet the green hydrogen production requirements.
  3. Green Hydrogen Production: The partnership will facilitate the deployment of 5 GW of renewable energy specifically for green hydrogen and ammonia production, which is a key component of the National Green Hydrogen Mission.
  4. Decarbonization: Ohmium’s advanced green hydrogen electrolyzers will be used by NTPC to decarbonize energy, transport, and ammonia projects, contributing to India’s efforts to reduce carbon emissions and transition to a cleaner energy mix.
  5. Scaling Up Production: The partnership aims to deploy up to 400 MW of green hydrogen projects, which is a significant step towards scaling up green hydrogen production in India and achieving the national target

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