Green Hydrogen Application in New Zealand Airports 
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Themes and Topics

  • Aerospace industry innovation
  • Airport hydrogen infrastructure
  • Aviation fuel transition
  • Decarbonizing transport
  • Green hydrogen production
  • Hydrogen fuel storage
  • Hydrogen Hubs
  • New Zealand aviation industry
  • Pilot green hydrogen hub
  • Renewable energy transition
  • Green Hydrogen finds immense potential in decarbonizing aviation; aiming to advance research for transition.

    Here’s an article posted in Arup that talks about Newzealand’s leap towards 100% renewable energy.

    According to the article,

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    • New Zealand aims to transition to 100% renewable energy and become a global hub for advanced aviation and the aerospace industry.
    • Green hydrogen is a key element in decarbonizing the transport sector.
    • Pilot green hydrogen hubs at New Zealand airports provide a testbed to accelerate this transition.

    So, what are the specific use cases for green hydrogen in aviation?

    • Short-Haul Aircraft:
      • Fuel Cells: Green hydrogen can power short-haul aircraft through fuel cells. These cells convert hydrogen into electricity, providing a zero-emission propulsion system.
      • Direct Combustion: Hydrogen can also be directly burned in thermal (gas turbine) engines for short-range flights.
    • Longer-Haul Aircraft:
      • For larger airframes (such as those with 50 or more seats), liquid hydrogen is a viable option due to its higher energy density.
      • Synthetic Liquid Fuels: Hydrogen can serve as a building block for synthetic liquid fuels, which can be blended with conventional jet fuel for longer-haul flights3.
    • Ground Support Equipment:
      • Beyond aircraft propulsion, green hydrogen can be used for ground support equipment at airports. This includes vehicles, tugs, and other machinery.

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    Green Hydrogen Hubs in New Zealand – Transitioning Aviation to a Sustainable Future: Collaboration across New Zealand focuses on decarbonizing transport with falling green hydrogen costs, including a pilot hub at an airport.

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