Green Hydrogen Revolution in Europe - European Green Deal
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  • Shortage of skilled labour for green jobs really damaging for growth; linked to weakening of labour markets.

    Here’s an article posted in Financial Times about the Green energy revolution in Europe.

    According to the article,

    Top management consulting experts for Bio-energy, EV, Solar, Green Hydrogen

    • The European Green Deal aims to double offshore wind capacity by 2050 and power green hydrogen production.
    • Shortage of skilled workers is a significant barrier to the green energy transition.
    • Growing demand for green roles, but a shortage of professionals with green skills or experience.
    • Definition of “green jobs” varies, and recent studies have questioned whether they are higher skilled and better paid.

    some of the key green job roles and skills in high demand across Europe’s renewable energy, green construction, and sustainable mobility sectors include:

    Renewable Energy Sector

    • Wind turbine technicians and engineers to operate and maintain offshore wind farms
    • Specialists in renewable hydrogen production from water and renewable electricity
    • Sustainability analysts and managers to drive the net zero transition in energy companies

    Green Construction Sector

    • Skilled workers to install heat pumps, insulation, and other energy efficiency retrofits in buildings
    • Architects and engineers with expertise in sustainable building design and materials
    • Construction workers and tradespeople with training in new green building techniques and technologies

    Sustainable Mobility Sector

    • Fuel cell and hydrogen storage system engineers for hydrogen-powered trucks and vehicles
    • Technicians to operate and maintain hydrogen fueling stations and infrastructure
    • Sustainability specialists to drive the decarbonization of transportation supply chains

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