India MSW to Energy- Status,Opportunities and Bottlenecks

India MSW to Energy

Waste, which is a resource for sustainable energy generation, has the potential to improve the economy of the country. About 55 million tonnes of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) and 38 billion liters of sewage are generated in the urban areas of India. It is estimated that the amount of waste generated in India will increase at a per capita rate of approximately 1-1.33% annually.

The Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has predicted that there exists a power generation potential of about 1500 MW from the MSW generated in India and the Indian Government is actively promoting the waste to energy technologies, by providing various incentives and subsidies for waste to energy projects. But according to the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA), only 2% of the potential has been tapped in India so far.

As the MSW to energy industry is relatively new in India, a better understanding of the opportunities in the Indian waste to energy sector is essential for investment decisions. The whitepaper, India MSW to Energy Status, Opportunities and Bottlenecks, will provide inputs on the potential and opportunities of the Indian MSW to energy industry. The white paper has a special emphasis on practical and actionable intelligence for Indian entrepreneurs and businesses.

The whitepaper has 3 major sections

  1. Potential for MSW to Energy in India
  2. Business Opportunities along the MSW to Energy Value Chain
  3. Companies that will be Benefitted by the Waste to Energy Business and the Major Players in the Indian Waste to Energy Industry

The document also provides the major MSW to energy pathways and technologies and a comparative evaluation of the technologies. The whitepaper also analyzes the factors which drive the waste to energy business in India, the potential risks associated with the MSW to energy industry and the future trends in waste generation and management. Finally, the report gives a list of successful players in the Indian waste to energy industry.

The Whitepaper can be downloaded from here : India MSW to Energy- Status,Opportunities and Bottlenecks

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