An Analysis of Diverse Opportunities in the Solar PV Value Chain

solar pv value chain

While solar power production is the final benefit derived from solar PV, there are other distinct stages along the solar PV value chain – starting from polysilicon and ending with solar modules.

The most important barrier that had stopped Solar PV from becoming a mainstream renewable energy resource is the high cost of producing power from the resource. This high cost is in turn a direct result of the high capital costs of the solar PV panels and the balance of system required.

A number of Indian entrepreneurs are keen to know the key characteristics of each of these segments to evaluate entry into one or more of these segments. This white paper on the characteristics of these distinct segments has been developed to provide this intelligence.

Within the solar PV value chain, opportunities exist for Indian entrepreneurs at each of the four distinct stages – polysilicon, wafers, cells and modules. Owing to the significant differences in characteristics of each with regard to scale of investment, R&D orientation, and types of core skill sets required, it can be expected each of these segments will be attractive to different types of Indian companies and entrepreneurs.

It can be said with a good amount of confidence that it is well within the capabilities of the Indian companies to participate in each segment and build a powerful solar PV ecosystem that brings about significant cost reduction and ensures that India is self-reliant in solar PV. This whitepaper provides a detailed analysis of each part of the manufacturing value chain so that businesses can make informed decisions so as to choose the ideal part of the value chain that they can get into.

The Whitepaper can be downloaded from here : An Analysis of Diverse Opportunities in the Solar PV Value Chain

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