India Renewable Energy Advisor -Highlights of Indian Renewable Energy Industry

India Renewable Energy Advisor

India has had a significant contribution from the large hydro power sector since its independence, with almost 20% of its total installed power capacity still coming from this sector. Its progress on utilizing the rest of the renewable energy sources has however been relatively recent, with wind power being the most prominent face of the renewable energy sector for the past decade.

Since 2010, there have been significant activities in a few other Indian renewable energy sectors as well, most notably solar. With the announcement of the ambitious National Solar Mission in 2010 and the subsequent implementation of the initial stages of the mission, the Indian government has shown its eagerness in harnessing the significant potential that solar presents for India. Other renewable energy sectors showing significant progress are small hydro and biomass power. Some segments that show little activity currently - like wave, tidal and geothermal, for instance – have the potential for significant growth in future.

This wide spectrum growth in the Indian renewable energy sector implies significant opportunities for companies. The EAI India Renewable Energy Advisor is a ready reference for those companies keen on entering the renewable energy industry. The Advisor comprises the first comprehensive compilation of data on critical parameters for all the important sectors of the Indian renewable energy industry.

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