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Get to know about Cygni , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups



Customised low cost Li-ion batteries

Low cost, light weight, swappable batteries can enable faster electrification of India's transport fleet



  • Maintenance free batteries with excellent thermal management
  • Automatic cell balancing and short circuit protection 

  • Battery thermal management
  • Venkat Rajaraman - Co-Founder

    Paramjit Singh - COO

    EAI perspectives

    There is little doubt that the world of batteries is one of the most exciting domains for startups and enterprises alike. Around the world, and in India.

    From less than 5 GWh, India’s annual battery requirements are supposed to shoot up to 260 GWh by 2030 - if that isn’t furious growth, tell me what is! While electric vehicles will be a key driver for this growth, other stationary storage sectors,  especially industrial & commercial storage (factories, commercial units, telecom towers etc.) uses will play significant roles too.

    Battery pack assembly is thought to be a fairly simple, low-end game, but this is not really true. While it may not cost a lot to set up battery pack units (compared to high capex, high risk cell units), producing high-quality, highly effective batteries need just more than machineries - it also needs a team that can understand specific requirements for each end user sector and putting together the best battery and BMS (battery management system) combination for those requirements.

    Cygni Energy has the advantage of not just technical development expertise (it had its roots at the IIT Madras research ecosystem) but also excellent management expertise, being founded and run by a veteran who has been in the energy & storage sector for decades. Their focus on providing highly customized, sector specific battery solutions, and marrying this with their R&D expertise, could propel them to be a dominant player adding significant value to the Indian battery storage ecosystem over the next few years.

    Team EAI wishes Cygni Energy the very best!

    • Li-ion batteries
    • Low maintenance batteries




    Cygni Lithium- Ion Batteries

    Cygni Solar Introduction

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