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The crucial role of natural gas in India’s decarbonization

Source : Economic Times - Energy World

Notes by Narsi

It is well known that natural gas power plants emit half the amount of CO2 for the same electricity generated as do coal power plants. Compared to oil too, natural gas emits much less CO2 - about 25% less.

In India’s primary energy mix, however, gas constitutes only 6% of the mix. The main reasons for its limited share include its high cost, limited supply options, and inadequate infrastructure.

While the country transitions to a Net Zero economy over the next fifty years, natural gas will have to play an important role as a transition fuel given its low carbon credentials. 

Realizing this, the government is planning to increase the share of natural gas in the country’s energy mix to 15% by 2030 - mind you, this is quite ambitious, because this could mean an absolute increase of about 300% in natural gas use over the next 8 years. Entrepreneurs, are you listening?

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