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Startup Update

How 6 next-gen startups are disrupting India’s plant-based industry

2022-03-07 | India

Startups discussed are: Biodimension Technologies (Artificial tissue models), Ethik (Leather-free men's accessories), NayaM!lk (plant-based paneer), Plantish Foods (plant-based eggs), Phyx44 (cell-derived milk and milk products), ProMeat (plant-based meat).

  • Artificial animal tissues
  • Leather free accessories
  • Plant-based dairy
  • Plant-based eggs
  • Plant-based meat


Notes by Narsi

These six startups pitched during the second edition of the Humane Entrepreneurship Program. 

What's interesting is, these pitches were not anchored around climate action or low carbon, but around animal welfare. This is such an obvious angle in the plant-based meat & fish & dairy sector, but something not too many folks in the climate action sector. We are so focussed on carbon that we are oblivious to other benefits provided by the plant-based meat sector.