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Startup Update

Q&A with Mateen Abdul, Co-founder & CEO of Grassroots Energy

2022-12-29 | India

A startup focussed on bio-energy solutions, it is reportedly developing a Bio-Hydrogen two-stage production process, which removes the need for energy-intensive feedstock sterilization and can produce nearly 100% H2 using organic waste.

  • Green hydrogen
  • Bio-based hydrogen
  • Hydrogen from waste biomass


Notes by Narsi

The startup's core activity is biogas production & biodigesters, but production of hydrogen from organic waste appears to be an interesting research project, likely still at research stage and not fully commercialized. If I understand it right, they use a two phase digestion in which an intermediate pH adjustment is carried out between the acidogenic and methanogenic phases, resulting in a mixture of hydrogen and methane production. An interesting approach to hydrogen production from biomass, which otherwise would have either have to derive H2 from biomethane or gasify biomass to derive syngas and then further derive hydrogen from the syngas.