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evnext-logo-v-smallThis post is a part of EV Next’s EV Perspectives.

EV Nexta division of EAI, is a leading market intelligence & strategic consulting firm for the Indian e-mobility sector.


Electric vehicles are not new – neither worldwide nor in India.

What’s new is the renewed thrust on their adoption. Until about 2016, electric vehicles had remained a small fringe of the overall automobile industry, more a fancy item for the “statement makers” than a serious competitor to ICE engines. 


It appears that this is about to change. 

A combination of factors – lower costs of and better technologies, increasing trend in cost of crude oil, a serious emphasis worldwide to curb vehicular CO2 emissions – are contributing to the growth of the electric vehicle sector.

In India, a similar trend is seen. While overall market volumes for electric vehicles are still very low for all types and segments, it is being hoped that the country will witness dramatic growth in the sales of electric vehicles starting 2018. The reasons for the optimism are similar to the ones noted above.

All said, electric vehicles seem to have arrived in India, or at least such a moment appears round the corner as we review the industry in early 2010. And this has made many businesses and entrepreneurs keen on the opportunities emerging from the electric vehicle sector.

Besides newspaper reports, very little is known in-depth about the specific opportunities along the electric vehicles value chain, especially in the Indian This series of posts from EV Next with the theme “Strategizing for E-mobility Opportunities in India from EAI” hopes to fill this gap by identifying and evaluating a range of opportunities along the entire EV value chain. 

The following are the posts in this series:


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