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Australia plans to supply solar power to Singapore through a 4200 Km subsea cable

Source : ANI News

Notes by Narsi

20 GW of solar power, 120 square kilometers of land, and about 30 million solar panels. 4200 km of subsea cabling.

All these constitute the grand plan of Australia’s Sub Cable to supply 15% of Singapore’s power from solar panels located in Australia.

Anyone who is familiar with the population densities of these two countries will be not surprised by this effort. Here they are:

  • Singapore: 7810/sq km
  • Australia: 3.3/sq km

That is, Singapore has about 2400 times as many people per unit area as Australia. 

Australia has a high intensity of the sun.

Solar power is becoming cheaper by the day.

For those wondering about the Indian context:

  • Indian population density: 380/sq km
  • Distance of Chennai (one of the closest Indian regions to Singapore): 2900 Km

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