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Renewable energy in India: 153 GW and 350 GW to go by 2030. What will get us there?

Source : New Indian Express

Notes by Narsi

India has installed a total of about 153 GW of renewable energy capacity as of mid 2022.

Out of this total, the following is the approximate break-up by capacity:

  • 33% solar (rooftop and ground-mounted combined)
  • 33% hydro (both small and large hydro)
  • About 25% wind, and
  • About 7% of bio-energy

Looking to the future, what is the total potential available for each of the above?

  • Wind energy potential at 302 GW at 100 meter and 695.50 GW at 120-meter hub height
  • Solar power potential could be very high. While there are no reliable estimates, the potential could exceed 2 TW, or perhaps even higher?
  • Bio-energy potential: 20 GW
  • Small hydro potential 25 GW
  • Large hydro potential 150 GW

The above estimates show how much the country will be dependent on solar, and to a certain degree wind, if it is looking at 500 GW of renewable energy by 2030 and perhaps multiples of that by 2050. The rest of the sources will just be nice add-ons, to a certain extent. Not perhaps the best way to characterize them, but these are the numbers.

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