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Net Zero industry accelerator from Tata Power and Social Alpha

Source : India Infoline

Notes by Narsi

A 'Net-Zero Industry Accelerator' has been formed to support the lab to market the process of innovative breakthroughs in climate tech and clean energy and accelerate India’s journey to net-zero by reducing Green House Gas (GHG) emissions significantly.

An excellent initiative, I'd say.

To accelerate the country's journey to Net-Zero, and decarbonize every sector of the economy, critical support is needed for breakthrough, scalable innovations while reducing the green premiums simultaneously.

The advantage of having large corporate partnerships for innovations and breakthroughs, especially if the corporate is operating in similar markets, is that these guys have a far better idea of the market realities and could thus add the dose of reality right in the beginning, saving time and costs for the startup founders and other accelerator stakeholders.

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