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Levi Strauss of climate tech

Notes by Narsi

During the great Califonia Gold Rush, it is said that one man struck the most gold. 

And interestingly, he carried home no gold.

His name was Levi Strauss, a name that will need little introduction

While tens of thousands were trying to dig up gold, he realized the need those folks had for rough and tough wear, and thus was born the jeans.

It is said that Levi Strauss was one of the biggest beneficiaries - if not THE biggest beneficiary - from the California Gold Rush.

Climate tech could be considered another Gold - make that Diamond - Rush.

Similar to the tens of thousands of gold diggers, we have hundreds of thousands of companies working on low carbon offerings on fundamentals - energy, water, transport, materials...

Could there be Levi Strausses who come up with those supporting solutions that everyone needs? If yes, what could their solutions be?

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