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CLIMAFIX Services to Climate Tech Entrepreneurs, Would-be Startups - Pitchdeck, Opportunities, Education, Training

Climate tech is one of the most appealing segments for passionate entrepreneurs in India. Tens of thousands of entrepreneurs with diverse backgrounds are keen.

But the climate tech sector is also new to many of them. They will need help when they kick off their startups.

CLIMAFIX will be glad to help you, the new climate tech entrepreneur in every possible way. Here are some of them


Pitchdeck preparation

Our consulting & the founders' management backgrounds, and the fact that we work constantly with the investor community, enable us to assist startups in finetuning and sharpening their investor pitchdecks.


CO3 - Opportunities consulting

Many entrepreneurs aspiring to be startups have a critical need in understanding the attractive emerging opportunities so they can decide on the best possible opportunity.  Our parent division, EAI, has been providing opportuities consulting for corporates for many years and we have a dedicated division through which we can help startups identify the right opportunities for startups based on their aspirations and strengths.


Online workshops for education/awareness

CLIMAFIX along with our parent division EAI holds workshops and focussed education courses for entrepreneurs keen to make a start in the climate tech sector. Many of these are virtual and online and are thus accessible to entrepreneurs from anywhere in India.


CLIMAFIX will be delighted to talk to entrepreneurs and help them on their exciting journey to founding and growing their startups.

Interested in taking help from CLIMAFIX?

Send a note to Narasimhan Santhanam - or call Narsi at +91-98413-48117