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CLIMAFIX Services to Corporate Investors - Climate Startup Identification, Tech Validation, Innovation Strategy

Every business in future will be a green business. This is just inevitable.

Recognizing this, the corporate venture arms and innovation divisions are striving hard to identify the right opportunities and innovations in which to invest.

CLIMAFIX can be a valuable partner to your corporate in these efforts.

Startup identification

We regularly assist both corporate and financial investors in identifying and evaluating startups. These efforts are highly customized and are based on specific criteria of the investors and specific sector focus within climate tech.


Tech/concept validation

Using our strong association with research and academic institutions such as IIT Madras, we can assist financial corporates and corporate venture divisions undertake robust technical evaluation of many concepts within climate tech. This is a critical need for which many from the investor community - from small angel investors to prominent VCs to corporate invstors and even banks - had approached us over the past ten years.


New opportunities identification

Many corporates have a need to identify emerging climate action and decarbonization opportunities related to their domains for expansion and diversification purposes. The CLIMAFIX team, backed by EAI's climate tech consulting expertise, can assist them in the opportunity identification and evaluation. 


Innovation strategy for climate solutions

Indian medium and large corporates are fast strategizing for the emerging low carbon market and the opportunities it presents. Part of the strategy is to identify innovative products and solutions they can diversify or extend their product line into. Our strong knowledge of the climate tech solutions combined with our unique insights and association with hundreds of startups help us provide invaluable assistance to corportes in these efforts.


Interested in taking help from CLIMAFIX?

If your corporate is interested in taking our assistance, do send a note to Narasimhan Santhanam - or call Narsi at +91-98413-48117