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CLIMAFIX Services to Venture Capital Investors - Climate Tech Startup Identification, Tech Validation, Recruitment

With many players from the venture investing community starting to show a keen interest in investing in climate tech startups, it becomes imperative for them to get critical support, especially if they are new to the world of climate tech.

The CLIMAFIX team can help you navigate the world of climate tech startups and assist you in a number of critical needs.

Startup identification

We regularly assist financial investors - usually angel investors and early stage VC investors - in identifying and evaluating startups. These efforts are highly customized and are based on specific criteria of the investors and specific sector focus within climate tech.


Tech / concept validation

Using our strong association with research and academic institutions such as IIT Madras, we are able to assist financial investors undertake robust technical evaluation of many concepts within climate tech. This is a critical need for which many from the investor community - from small angel investors to prominent VCs to even banks & other debt investors - had approached us over the past ten years.



CLIMAFIX's parent division EAI and its solar energy division Solar Mango have been providing customised, high quality recruitment services for both small and large firms in the climate tech sector. We thus have a large database of candidate profiles for diverse skills required for climate solutions.

While most of our recruitment so far has been for startups and corporates in the climate tech sector, our large network, massive database of climate tech professional profiles and our comprehensive knowledge of climate solutions sector will help us identify excellent profiles for the financial investor sector as well - be they analysts, senior professionals, research professionals, or even temporary technical consultants to help them in due diligence of specific solutions.


CLIMAFIX will be delighted to assist financial investors keen on the Indian climate startup segment. Whether you are an angel investor, HNI, venture capital firm, or even a private equity firm, talk to us.

Interested in taking help from CLIMAFIX?

Send a note to Narasimhan Santhanam - or call Narsi at +91-98413-48117