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An impactful electric vehicle policy for employees by JSW

Source : Live Mint

Notes by Narsi

India has about 15 million (1.5 crores) white-collar professionals - people with good education, aspirations, and also disposable incomes.

My interactions with a cross-section of this segment have shown that a considerable proportion of this population wishes to do something about climate change and the environment, but either does not know what to do, or does not have the support to do something where they wish to.

It is in this context that the EV Policy of JSW stands out. The company last year announced a policy in which it will provide incentives for electric vehicles purchase for its employees, with special provisions for free charging stations and separate parking facilities.

That's a reasonable number of carrots for employees keen on going electric and appears to be an effective combination of ideas at first sight. For instance, given that employees will be parking their vehicles for hours together at the company premises, free charging facilities get over at least the charging time challenge.

I'm sure many more Indian companies will take a leaf out of JSW's initiative.

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