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Which component of the EV value chain is best suited for startups?

Notes by Narsi

You can say that I have had a ringside view of the entire electric vehicle value chain in the past five years. 

Not entirely by design, in fact almost by default - that's one advantage of calling yourself a consultant.

What I have discovered during these years is that the EV value chain is far longer than - and also more intricate - what most people think is the electric vehicle and electric mobility value chain.

A simple view of the electrification specific components of the EV value chain (for battery operated EVs) 

Mining of minerals/metals => Battery cells => Battery packs => EV components (esp motors) => Power train => EVs => Sales => Use => Recycling => Financing => Testing strandards => Insurance 

I'm sure you can add a few sub-components to each component above - for instance, battery packs could be further componentized to BMS, Testing Equipment, Battery Pack Cases etc. Each of these is a business opportunity in itself.

You continue doing this, and you could well be looking at over 50 components where business opportunities exist. 

Sure, some of these opportunities could be small, and some of them might not work as pureplay opportunities (BMS for instance, might not be attractive enough as an opportunity in itself).

But with the e-mobility sector in India expected to be massive by 2030, even small niches could mean big business.

That begs the question - how many startups, and investors, are doing enough digging up to unearth and work on these niches?

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