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Niche EVs such as Navalt Boats

Notes by Narsi

Sandith Thandaserry is a rather interesting person.

He is perhaps the first, or at any rate, one of the first, to work extensively on solar powered marine transport.

Slogging it out last almost a decade, he has been able to get his boats on water in Gods Own Country, and very soon perhaps, in many other parts of India

He is perhaps one of the few in the country today who can get set go electric boats. A uniqueness that is difficult in the realms of other electric vehicle categories such as two wheelers, three wheelers or even cars. 

But the flip side is, the market size that can be monetized right now appears quite low and it could be a small fraction of what EV transport will command, for the foreseeable future.

This could be the case for many other niche EV categories - off road, within campus, golf carts, premium bicycles

So how do startups - and investors - approach such niche EV sectors?

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