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Solar PV Components Manufacturing

For companies keen on exploring the emerging manufacturing opportunities in solar PV components in India, EAI provides comprehensive market intelligence and strategic research support.

The convergence of decrease in capital costs, increase in efficiency and significant financial support by the government is likely to result in a wide range of attractive business opportunities along the entire solar energy value chain in India.

The Indian government has acknowledged that in order for the costs of solar PV power to come down (so that it no longer remains a policy driven industry), it is critical to build a complete ecosystem for solar PV rather than just being strong at the tail end of the value chain (ie., power production). This implies that there is a genuine need for hundreds of companies along the entire value chain - from polysilicon production to wafer to cell and module manufacturing, as well as production of the supporting components that are required to keep the value chain well oiled. The fact that Indian manufacturers depend almost entirely on import of silicon wafers or strips to make PV cells is a key driver for Indian policy makers to encourage investments in the silicon supply chain. It goes without saying that the efforts to build a complete solar PV ecosystem in India, backed by significant government support, opens up attractive opportunities for investors.

This ecosystem includes

  • Crystalline silicon PV value chain components
  • Thin film PV manufacturing
  • Balance of Systems manufacturing that includes
    • Inverters
    • Tracking systems and their components like actuators
    • Charge controllers
    • Others
  • Sub-components
    • Wire saws
    • Encapsulants like EVA
    • Metallization pastes
    • Junction boxes
    • Others

Who can benefit:

  • Companies keen on diversification especially from the manufacturing sectors
  • Independent Power Producers looking at backward integration

Strategic and financial benefits:

Business can benefit through diversification into the promising renewable energy sector.
Since it is a fast growing market in its early stages, an entrant into it can potentially have the edge of being an early mover which manifests in the form of high export potential and good margins in the upstream of value chain.

EAI offers assistance for clients in the following areas

  1. Assessment of market potential for a new entrant in various parts of the solar PV value chain in India.
  2. Analysis and comparison of technologies and equipments required for various parts of the solar PV industry.
  3. Estimation of capital investments, working capital requirements and return on Investments (ROI) in solar PV components business.
  4. Identification of technology partners from India or abroad.
  5. Preparation of bankable Detailed Project Reports (DPR) which can be used for financing projects.

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Why EAI for Solar PV

EAI has an exceptional understanding of the key drivers and characteristics of the entire solar PV value chain - from polysilicon to solar farms and offgrid solar products

EAI Solar team has published leading industry reports for all the key segments of the solar PV value chain. Our EAI India Solar PV Advisor is considered to be one of the most authoritative guides for the grid connected solar power production industry

Our work on diverse assignments in solar PV have provided our team with unique perspectives that will be of use to both small entrepreneurs as well as global leaders

EAI Solar PV Consulting Team

The EAI team has a consulting division dedicated to solar PV. This team comprises industry experts, consultants and research analysts with in-depth knowledge of the entire solar PV value chain. Our team has worked with global companies on projects related to solar wafer, cell and module manufacturing as well as on the various aspects of the Indian solar PV power production

Overall, the Research & Consulting Team at Energy Alternatives India comprises professionals from reputed universities such as the IITs and IIMs who have considerable experience in and acquaintance with the Indian renewable energy sector.

The EAI team has undertaken a number of research and consulting assignments spanning the entire spectrum of renewable energy sources.See the profiles of our consulting team here http://www.eai.in/ref/team/team.html

The EAI Expertise

The EAI team has a dedicated focus on the Indian alternative and renewable energy industry. This focus, combined with its experienced team of professionals makes EAI an ideal partner to help your company in benefiting from the opportunities in this industry.

  • Expertise : Our team�s expertise in management, industry and scientific aspects of the Indian energy industry will be indispensable for the success of your venture.

  • Understanding :Our team has in-depth understanding of the global trends of the Indian alternative energy and renewable energy industry.

  • Updated : Our team is continuously updated with information on latest investments and business activities in India for all alternative energy domains.
  • Contacts : The EAI team has extensive business contacts across India in all major alternative and renewable energy segments solar, wind and biomass energy

EAI Publications

Our Customers & Clients

EAI's consulting team has been assisting several organizations in a variety of areas of renewable energy.

Client Questions
Answered by EAI

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To what extent could the O&M in solar PV power plants be automated? What are the specific innovations?

What are the technical & economic feasibility, and market potential, for polysilicon and wafers in India?

What are the opportunities available in solar PV for small entrepreneurs? For medium sized businesses?

What are the commercialization possibilities for emerging technologies such as CPV, organic solar cells etc?

What is the technical and economic feasibility for solar/biomass hybrid? Solar/diesel hybrid?

What are the different avenues available for power sale, other than to the grid?

What is the potential for sale of solar power to third party private companies?

How do global happenings in solar industry affect viability of projects in India?

How does one choose an ideal location for setting up solar power projects?

What are the key determinants of profitability of solar PV power plants?

What types of venture capital and private equity investments are happening?

How does solar PV perform compared to wind, small hydro and biomass?

What is the role of monitoring systems in solar PV power plants?

What are the costs and benefits of installing monitoring systems?

Feasibility of using solar PV as a replacement for diesel

Specific techno economic feasibility for rooftop solar PV

What are the business prospects for solar PV modules production?

What is the market potential for diverse solar PV products?

How reliable are the Chinese solar panels?

Opportunities in manufacturing / supply of balance of systems


The EAI team has undertaken a number of research and consulting assignments spanning the entire spectrum of renewable energy sources.

See the profiles of our consulting team here http://www.eai.in/ref/team/team.html

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