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Wind energy dominates India’s renewable energy industry, accounting for 70 percent of installed potential. The very fact that a predominenet portion of all investments in wind energy have come from private sector is an indicator of attractiveness of this sector. For India to reach 40 GW of renewable energy target in this decade, there is a compulsive need to have at least 25 GW of wind energy. The slow market adoption of other renewable energies opens up an attractive window of opportunities. 

Our vast experience in the wind energy industry and our pan India contact in this sector makes us an obvious choice for advisory services.

EAI can provide you with critical intelligence to make investment decisions in the wind sector.

Market Intelligence

  • Examination of government policies and incentives designed to boost commercial interest in wind power in India
  • Evaluation of various PPAs and RPO enforcement activities across different states to drive wind power projects
  • Assistance in understanding GBI scheme for wind power projects commissioned beyond 2012
  • Assessment of market scenario for indigenous wind turbine component manufacturing
  • Actionable market intelligence on niche wind farm repowering sector

Feasibility Analysis

  • Identification of optimal wind zones across the country and applying appropriate level of R&D to ensure cost-effective power generation
  • Leveraging international standards in manufacturing wind turbine generators to accelerate domestic capabilities
  • Evaluation of key challenges surrounding scale-up of wind power projects
  • Implementation strategies to ensure steady and cost-effective captive wind power generation

Financial Analysis

  • Strategies for maximizing full potential of various financing options for wind power projects from private equity, venture capital, non-banking financial institutions, commercialized and nationalized banks.
  • Evaluation of aggregate cost savings on repowering existing wind farms
  • Financial modeling of wind power projects
  • Estimation of investments and returns in wind turbine component manufacturing sector


  • With larger and more efficient wind turbines making an entry, repowering old wind farms is an attractive opportunity today in the wind energy sector
  • While India�s wind potential is estimated to be 48,000 MW by CWET (Centre for Wind Energy Technology), it is felt that this estimate is outdated and conservative. Newer estimates suggest that the potential could be as high as 100000 MW.
  • Assessing the wind farms and performing rigorous forecasting of electricity output from the location could result in much higher project output and profitability
  • Maharashtra had recently (May 2011) embarked on wind zone based feed in tariff instead of a single tariff for the whole state. The new format could result in much higher profitability
  • While offshore wind is an exciting possibility, it is in a very nascent stage right now in India and does not present a short term opportunity
  • While power production is the most apparent opportunity, there are other interesting opportunities for entrepreneurs in the sector, especially in the manufacturing of components of wind turbines. One attractive opportunity for Indian companies is the manufacture of towers for wind turbines.
  • One of the key constraints faced by wind farms during the past one year has been the difficulty in grid connectivity for evacuation of power
  • With more efficient wind turbines in operation, many sites that were earlier regarded unsuitable for wind power now have the potential to host wind farms
  • With the future enforcement of grid codes for wind power generation, the integration of wind power with the grid will be smoother, significantly enhancing the potential for wind to be a major contributor to India�s electricity

Case Studies

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Mapping Out the Blueprint for a Wind IPP

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Our Customers & Clients

EAI's consulting team has been assisting several organizations in a variety of areas of renewable energy.

Client Questions
Answered by EAI

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Should I go with Indian companies such as Suzlon or is there is a benefit if I go with companies such as Vestas?

When do relatively small wind turbines ( 250 kW etc) make sense? What are the pluses and minuses of these when compared to MW scale wind turbines?

What is the technical and economic feasibility of small scale (kW scale) wind turbines?

What is the real potential for wind in AP, Orissa, Maharashtra, Gujarat, MP and Rajasthan?

What are the special precautions to be taken while looking at implementing large wind IPP projects?

Provide a clear comparison between AD and GBI

What are the chances that AD will not be valid after 2012?

What is the future of carbon credits and how do I structure my business to this uncertainty?

What are the methods and processes to increase the output from the wind farms?


The EAI team has undertaken a number of research and consulting assignments spanning the entire spectrum of renewable energy sources.

See the profiles of our consulting team here http://www.eai.in/ref/team/team.html


An analysis of Opportunities in the Wind Power Value Chain

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Why EAI for Wind

EAI, along with its partners, has over 100 person years of experience in the wind energy sector

The EAI Wind team has undertaken assignments for not just wind power production, but also for unique opportunities in wind turbine components

Our assignments so far have provided us with hands-on knowledge about the ground realities of wind power in all the major wind power states of India

EAI Wind Consulting Team

Being located in Chennai, the EAI team has the advantage of being in the state (Tamilnadu) that has the largest wind power installed capacity in the country. Our Wind Power Consulting team have been interacting with the key stakeholders in wind energy at both the state and national level for the past many years. In addition, our team�s exceptional tie-ups with technical experts and turbine vendors provide us with unique insights that few, if any, in the country have.

The Research & Consulting Team at Energy Alternatives India comprises professionals from reputed universities such as the IITs and IIMs who have considerable experience in and acquaintance with the Indian renewable energy sector.

The EAI team has undertaken a number of research and consulting assignments spanning the entire spectrum of renewable energy sources. See the profiles of our consulting team here http://www.eai.in/ref/team/team.html

The EAI Expertise

The EAI team has a dedicated focus on the Indian alternative and renewable energy industry. This focus, combined with its experienced team of professionals makes EAI an ideal partner to help your company in benefiting from the opportunities in this industry.

  • Expertise : Our team�s expertise in management, industry and scientific aspects of the Indian energy industry will be indispensable for the success of your venture.
  • Understanding : Our team has in-depth understanding of the global trends of the Indian alternative energy and renewable energy industry.
  • Updated : Our team is continuously updated with information on latest investments and business activities in India for all alternative energy domains.
  • Contacts : The EAI team has extensive business contacts across India in all major alternative and renewable energy segments solar, wind and biomass energy

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