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Online marketplace of renewable energy products for farmers

  • Empowering farmers with renewable energy products in solar, biogas, and electricity
  • Help farmers to increase savings and income
  • Making farmers and rural households energy-independent



  • Educate farmers and their community about the renewable products
  • Wide range of renewable energy equipment tailored to their needs

  • Online marketplace
  • Vimal Panjwani, Founder & CEO

    Shobha Chanchlani, Co-Founder


    EAI perspectives

    India has about 150 million farmers. This number is almost double that of the total employed in the next two employment sectors - real estate/construction and manufacturing - put together!

    If India’s farmer population were a country, it would be the ninth largest country in the world!

    Agricultural activities emit about 17% of the total greenhouse gases in India. But a large percent of the farmer population does not have enough knowledge of the best practices to reduce emissions and/or do not have access to the solutions to do this.

    Decarbonization for farmers needs to have a multi pronged approach, with diverse solutions making up the mix, which understands their real needs (simple, cost effective systems, energy security) and leverages an ecosystem that includes large amounts of sunlight, vast tracts of land availability and significant amounts of animal and crop waste.

    Startups such as AgriVijay have made a good start in assisting the Indian farmer ecosystem in enhancing their energy security while at the same time lowering the  carbon footprint for the sector. The startup’s marketplace for farmers provides them a plethora of renewable energy products & services (solar water pumps, biogas digesters, solar water heaters & solar street lights), introduces them to new technological innovations in agritech, and also provides energy advisory services

    Operating in such a vast and complex ecosystem, startups such as these are likely to finetune and narrow their value propositions as they grow and learn from the market, but AgriVijay has certainly made a good start.

    Team EAI wishes AgriVijay the very best!

    • Renewable energy training for farmers
    • Renewable energy products marketplace
    • Renewable energy for rural




    AgriVijay Founder & CEO - Vimal Panjwani

    AgriVijay - India's first Marketplace of Renewable Energy products for farmers brings 'E-tractor'

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