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Get to know about Farm Again , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups

Farm Again


Precision agriculture using AI & IoT

  • Saves 50% of water required for irrigation.
  • More nutritious crops with higher yields
  • Enables the whole agriculture ecosystem to communicate in real-time efficiently



  • Combination of agronomy expertise with artificial intelligence
  • Enables farmers to easily adopt precision agriculture practices

  • AI, IoT
  • Benjamin Raja, Founder & CEO

    EAI perspectives

    Achieving sustainable and low carbon agriculture is an intricate process. While organic farming can indeed bring down the carbon footprint by a certain extent, it can be brought down even further if one were to incorporate precision farming practices that incorporate digital elements such as IoT, AI and cloud-based platforms. 

    Such organic, precision farmed produce could cost - at least in the evolving stages of the sector - higher than conventional produce. Is it possible to identify end users who are willing to pay the higher price for the value? And is it also possible to provide the buyers with proof & authenticity that the produce is indeed organic and low carbon?

    Farmagain seems to have come up with a comprehensive suite of solutions that takes care of all the three aspects mentioned - organic farming, precision farming and enabling buyers and sellers to connect via an efficient marketplace. Using digital solutions for precision farming, and for authenticity and traceability of the produce, and by developing their own e-marketplace to disseminate information to the stakeholders and enabling them to buy or sell their products or services, the startup has indeed put together an impressive set of sustainability tools for the Indian farming community.

    Team EAI wishes Farmagain the very best!

    • Smart farming technologies
    • Precision agriculture practices
    • Crop monitoring technologies


    Farm Again


    GroTron - Upgrade your Farm with Artificial Intelligence

    GroTron in Precision Agriculture

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