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Get to know about EM3 Agri Services , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups

EM3 Agri Services


Technology & mechanization for the farming community on a pay-for-use basis

  • Provides farm services for the entire cultivation cycle on a pay-per-use basis
  • Accessible and affordable farm mechanisation and agricultural services



  • Farmer can easily monitor and manage work being done on his field
  • Enables an intuitive and easy way to order farm equipment and services

  • Farming mechanization
  • Rohtash Mal, Co-founder

    Adwitiya Mal, Co-founder

    EAI perspectives

    Despite having the second largest quantity of arable land in the world, India’s crop yield is a lot lower (as much as 50% lower) compared to developed and even some developing nations. That’s not just a sad commentary on some of the approaches that have been followed in Indian agriculture - it also has significant implications for agri related emissions as- low yields essentially mean an enhanced carbon footprint for the crop.

    The answer to this challenge is for many small and medium farmers across India to mechanize, automate and undertake precision farming in a guided manner that leverages the labour availability in their regions with optimal technology.

    It is difficult for the Indian smallholding farmer community to achieve the above on their own, and this is where startups such as EM3 Agri Services are making a difference. Today, serving over 250,000 acres of agricultural land in India, EM3 is one of the largest organizations involved in increasing agricultural productivity by bringing technology & mechanization for the farming community. Through their Farming-as-a-Service platform that uses a pay-for-use business model, the startup is not just making technology available to the farmers, it is also making it affordable.

    In addition to farming mechanization and automation, their IT enabled systems and partnerships with other solution providers such as drone services provides a comprehensive suite of basic and precision farm operations throughout the entire crop production cycle.

    If startups such as EM3 are able to effectively scale their solutions and target much larger portions of the Indian farming community, in addition to bringing down the carbon footprint per unit of crop produced, they can also significantly increase the incomes of the farmers. 

    Team EAI wishes EM3 Agri Services the very best!

    • Farming as a service
    • Pay-per-use basis farm equipments


    How SAMADHAN Techno Kheti works?

    Giving Small Farms Access to Big Machines | EM3 AgriServices

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