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Last updated: Feb 2020 by Narasimhan Santhanam

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The Indian EV sector is ramping up quite fast. While the number of electric vehicles being bought in the country is still very low, the industry is not waiting for the future; rather, it is gearing itself for a future when there’s significantly higher demand for end products (vehicles) as well as components and other solutions.

A significant portion of these efforts from the Indian industry is in the form of innovative solutions and products. Such innovation is led not just by large corporations but also by small, nimble startups. While some startups such as Ather Energy have shot into the limelight, there are many others who are doing equally interesting products and whose time in limelight is perhaps not far away.

With such market dynamics, many other companies keen on investing in the electric vehicle sector are keen to know more about the innovations happening in this sector and the companies behind such innovations. Such information could inspire them to come up with their own innovations, or to invest in promising companies endeavoring such innovative efforts.

The list of innovative Indian EV companies:

Company Innovations
Altigreen Propulsion Labs Hybrid Retrofit Powertrain
Cell Propulsion Electric Retrofit Powertrain for Buses
E-Trio Electric Retrofit Powertrain for Cars
Earth Energy EV Long range Cruiser Electric Bike
Emflux High Performance Electric Superbike
Esmito Solutions Battery & Charging Stations analytics and monitoring software
Gegadyne High energy density batteries with Nano Materials and supercapacitor based charging
Gugu Energy High Performance electric scooter
Li Energy Li-ion cell manufacturing in India
Liger Mobility Self balancing Technology for scooters
Lithion Power Battery Swapping service provider for electric rickshaws
Log9 Materials Metal Air Batteries using graphene 
Mean Metal Works High Performance electric car
Menza Motors Custom Built electric bike
Orxa Energies High Performance electric superbike
Pi Beam Labs Industrial use electric rickshaws
Pixy Electric Cars Luxury Electric cars and retrofit kit for LCV 
Polarity Smart Bikes High speed Electric bike with pedal assistance
Quanteon Powertrain Axial In-Wheel Motors for electric cars
Revolt Motors Electric Bike with zero down payment and Battery swapping service
RevOS Operating System/User interface for electric vehicles
Simyog Technologies Automobile Electronics simulation software
Sina Mobility Fully enclosed electric scooter with airbags
Smado Labs Foldable electric bicycle
Strom Motors ElectricReverse Trike – three wheeler car
Sun Mobility Battery Swapping service provider for electric rickshaws
Tork MotorCycles Electric Bike with advanced telematics
Ultraviolette Automotive High performance electric Superbike
Virya Mobility Electric Powertrain and vehicle development services from simulations to homologation
Verge Motors Hybrid Retrofit Powertrain for scooters
Yulu Last Mile Mobility service provider using electric scooters
Ziptrax Cleantech Li-ion battery repurposing and recycling


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Get to know about 1000+ EV innovations from EVI2: Electric Vehicle Innovation Intelligence from EVNext


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