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Get to know about Smart Joules , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups

Smart Joules


IoT based energy-efficiency-as-a-service platform

Enables equipment control for optimal operations to eliminate wastage of energy



  • Control of equipment possible from anywhere, any time
  • Uses customized optimization algorithms

  • Energy efficiency as a service, IoT
  • Arjun P.Gupta, Founder & CEO

    EAI perspectives

    Recent estimates suggest that India can save Rs 10 lakh crores (about $160 billion) by 2030 through energy efficiency, with 75% of these coming from industrial and transport sectors. 10 lakh crores - reflect on that number for a few moments to let it sink in!

    SmartJoules is one of the more prominent energy efficiency startups in India, and in a relatively short span of time, has been able to demonstrate consistent energy savings for large, blue chip customers especially in the commercial and institutional sectors.

    What could really make startups such as SmartJoules add significant value is their strategy of offering a full stack solution, offering it for power, heating & cooling needs, and finally combining it with business models such as “pay as you save” that help end users start getting energy savings benefits without having to incur huge upfront costs.

    It can move things fast in any business when someone tells, “You can save money or make money with our solution, and you need to pay me only a part of what you save or make”

    Team EAI wishes SmartJoules the very best!

    • IoT-based energy management software platform
    • Energy efficiency for commercial sector


    Smart Joules


    Smart Joules


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