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Get to know about Detect Technologies , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups

Detect Technologies


AI-based inspection technology to enhance overall efficiency and reduce costs for industrial assets

Industry 4.0 solutions that reduce wastage, increase efficiency and thus reduce the overall carbon footprint of operations



  • Used for asset management and industrial project management
  • Uses surveying, mapping and remote inspection techniques
  • Follows Industry 4.0 industrial automation standards

  • Artificial intelligence
  • Daniel Raj - Co-Founder

    Tarun Mishra - Co-Founder

    Harikrishnan A S - Co-Founder

    Varun Kumar - Co-Founder


    EAI perspectives

    Energy efficiency and resource efficiency are perhaps the lowest hanging avenues for decarbonization. As the saying goes, the most sustainable resource is the one that need not be produced in the first place! Putting in efficiency measures essentially ensures that you get the same things done with fewer resources.

    Minimizing leaks, optimizing processes, fine tuning asset performance - all these can lead to significant reductions in not only cost but also resource consumptions, and as a consequence reductions in greenhouse gas emissions.

    While Detect Technologies started their life as a company that provided automated solutions to detect leaks in pipelines, they have expanded fast to provide a full stack of software solutions for industry productivity and resource efficiency.

    Their solution harnesses AI, advanced robotics, IoT-enabled sensors, AR/VR, and computer vision to connect and unify data, workforce, equipment, and processes.

    Full marks to them.

    Team EAI wishes Detect Technologies the very best!

    • Enhancing industrial asset performance
    • Reducing industrial asset inefficiencies


    Achieve operational excellence with T-Pulse™ | Detect Technologies

    Make industrial transformation sustainable | Detect Technologies

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