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Get to know about Ecolibrium Energy , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups

Ecolibrium Energy


IoT-based advanced energy analytics platform for energy consumption

  • Helps industries and buildings become more energy efficient
  • Uses demand-side-response to reduce the energy consumption of industries



  • A platform to make industries & buildings smarter using Internet of Things (IoT) and ML
  • Converts energy usage across enterprises into intelligence

  • IoT, Analytics
  • Chintan Soni, CEO

    Harit Soni, Founder

    EAI perspectives

    Ecolibrium Energy was one of the earliest startups in the Indian energy efficiency sector - started in 2008 (so well, we included it under the startup section more for the excellent work the company has done, ignoring its age!).

    Digital is permeating all sections of the energy ecosystem - right from power generation, to distribution, to end users - both industrial and domestic, and especially the former. In the industrial sector, increased R&D by energy efficiency solutions firms into AI+Machine Learning platform to identify energy leaks & saving opportunities, measure consumption and perform predictive machine learning intelligence can result in dramatic energy efficiency results.

    Under these circumstances, companies such as Ecolibrium, which have the added advantage of over a decade of learning in selling to the Indian industry - and to some large companies such as Coca Cola and the Tatas, stand an excellent chance to add value at scale to the Indian commercial & industrial segments.

    Team EAI wishes Ecolibrium Energy the very best!

    • Real-time monitoring energy consumption
    • IoT-based energy monitor
    • Smart building energy monitor


    The Future is Now- Ecolibrium Energy

    #NetAppExcellerator Cohort 4 - View from the startups: Ecolibrium Energy

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