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Get to know about Virtual Forest , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups

Virtual Forest


Energy-efficient intelligent motor controllers for EVs and solar pumps 

  • Helps reduce energy consumption of equipment & machinery through smart device controllers 
  • Provides a one shop stop for OEMs



  • Motor controllers for homes control automatically using embedded algorithms
  • Powering home appliance & EV ecosystems via integrated tech for motor control electronics & human interface

  • Intelligent motor control
  • Omer Basith - Founder & CEO

    Sandeep Kejriwal - Co-Founder & CFO

    Nazir Tolagi - Co-Founder & CTO

    EAI perspectives

    Aatmanirbhar (self-reliance) is easier said than done, especially in core engineering solutions that have a value chain starting with R&D and ending in efficient recycling.

    Self-reliance can be challenging because India (like many other developing nations) has had a history of producing only parts of the products and solutions here while it adopted R&D from the west and bought components from the factory of the world - China.

    Breaking this chain is going to take time - and perhaps the best way to break it is to attempt one thing at a time.

    The thing that Virtual Forest has decided to focus on is motor controllers - mind you, not motors, but motor controllers, most of which currently come from Japan. 

    The startup Virtual Forest has set themselves an ambitious vision to develop the complete ecosystem - right from R&D to manufacturing to logistics to financing - for these motor controllers so that a few years from now, India can indeed be aatmanirbhar for this important component.

    Motors consume almost 40% of all electricity produced - a stunning statistic that is as true for India as for the rest of the world. And customised, effective motor controllers can provide significant energy efficiency savings in addition to reducing wear and increasing overall performance of motors - even a modest 10% energy reduction from motors worldwide can mean about 5% less electricity produced, and about 2% less CO2 emissions (power sector emits about 35% of all CO2 emissions globally). Shows the importance motor controllers play in the overall scheme of things.

    Team EAI wishes Virtual Forest the very best!

    • Energy-Efficient Controllers
    • Motor Controllers for Electric Vehicles


    Virtual Forest


    Virtual Forest EV (2W) Controller Demo at Green Vehicle Expo, Bangalore

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