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Get to know about LivNSense , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups



IoT & AI platform for real-time monitoring of plant performance & process optimization

Smart factory solution enables significant enhancement of energy and material efficiency



Provides predictive foresight and cross-functional insights using ‘live digital twin' technology.

  • AI, IoT
  • Avnish Kumar - Founder & CEO

    Priyanka Kumar, Founder & Director



    EAI perspectives

    Industry 4.0 is not just a nice word for businesses and technology companies to feel pleased with themselves. The suite of solutions that makes up Industry 4.0 can make a real difference not just to the manufacturing efficiencies and company bottom lines, but also to sustainability and decarbonization.

    The startup LivNSense is all about the use of Industry 4.0 to customize data and deliver powerful insights for action to industries. The platform brings a unique combination of sensors and AI Vision based technologies along with a suite of custom AI/ML/DL libraries for Industry 4.0 to solve complex business problems and offer cost & profit drivers to optimize conversion economics. Such optimization on scale for industries that are large consumers of energy & resources can mean significantly higher resource and energy efficiencies, and lower GHG emissions.

    Their solution has customized versions to provide bespoke benefits to the pharma, metal working, welding mgmt, and automotive segments, among others.

    Team EAI wishes LivNSense the very best!

    • Energy balance AI platform
    • Optimized energy production process




    GreenOps Net Zero Challenge

    GreenOps-Path to Net-Zero for a greener, sustainable and profitable plant with PAAS Based B2B Model

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