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Get to know about EcoSTP , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups



Use of biomimicry to sustainably treat sewage water

Chemical-free, motion-free, powder-free and odourless water treatment solutions



  • Mimics the action of cow's stomach
  • 3C model - Co-create, Co-execute and Co-evolve is inspired by the disciplined ant colony collective system

  • Biomimicry
  • Tharun Kumar - Founder

    EAI perspectives

    In countries such as India, the quantum of waste water treated will increase significantly - both for sewage treatment plants as well as industrial effluent treatment plants - as many urban and industrial zones impose stricter regulations on untreated wastewater.

    Using conventional treatment processes can thus significantly increase the amount of energy utilized for such treatment, and consequently CO2 emissions.

    EcoSTP uses a novel gravity based sewage water treatment that does away with the energy requirements of the aeration processes used in conventional treatment. The uniqueness is adopting gravity (essentially a zero carbon energy source) as part of the overall process.

    It is early days for many of these alternative, more sustainable and low carbon waste water treatment methods, but if startups such as these are able to achieve scale for both sewage water treatment as well as effluent water treatment, it could make a significant difference to the overall sustainability of the wastewater treatment ecosystem in India.

    Team EAI wishes EcoSTP the very best!

    • Chemical-free wastewater treatment




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