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Get to know about Edgegrid , an Indian climate tech startup, from the snapshot at the India Climate Tech 100 startups



A platform to enable the energy transition for last-mile customers

  • Managing last-mile delivery of energy-reducing consumer utility bills
  • Connects sellers with individuals, businesses and distribution companies that need energy services



  • Easy to install and use in just few taps
  • Earn rewards via payments & referrals
  • Empowers customer to take control of their consumption and supply possibilities

  • Smart grid
  • Prasad Yerneni, Founder

    Sunil Kumar Talla, Founder

    Mushtaq Ahmed, Co-founder

    EAI perspectives

    The electricity grid is a great example of scale.

    Globally, the electric transmission grid length is about 5 million kilometers and the distribution grid length is close to a mind boggling 100 million kilometers (13 meters for every human being!). The US electricity grid spans about 320,000 circuit Kms in transmission and an awesome 8.8 million circuit Kms in distribution (low voltage). China’s electric grid length is more than those of all the developed economies’ combined (about 30% of global total!),

    India is not far behind - our total transmission length is about 200,000 circuit kilometers, and the distribution grid length should be topping 5 million circuit kilometers.

    While decarbonization of the power sector will need to have a strong emphasis on low carbon sources of electricity (solar, wind…), there needs to be an equivalent emphasis on the electric grid. Reimagining and revamping the grid, such a large infrastructure, is no easy task. Even developed countries such as the US are giving a strong, hard look at this massive beast to figure out where and how to start.

    This is where the software and digital components play an important role. Unlike the massive physical and capital intensive efforts needed to rejig the grid’s hardware, digital additions can do with much less of this sweat and start providing significant benefits within a short period of time - precisely the kind of thing needed by utilities staring at the millions of kilometers of hardware.

    Startups such as EdgeGrid, by using internet of things (IoT) and artificial intelligence (AI) are trying to solve the grid’s and the energy market’s problems at scale.

    Team EAI wishes EdgeGrid the very best!

    • Energy transition for last-mile customers



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