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This section provides renewable energy innovations from the world. This is part of EAI 360, India's largest renewable energy and clean technology news aggregator.

You can find innovations on diverse topics within renewable energy.

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Stationary batteries go with the flow

ESS Inc., a company developing iron-based redox flow batteries, recently announced a contract to design and install a combined Energy Warehouse flow battery storage and solar energy system in Brazil. Redox Flow Batteries (RFB) are an energy storage technology that was initially developed by NASA in… read more →

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Researchers blaze new ground in wireless energy generation

Researchers from Clemson's Nanomaterials Institute (CNI) are one step closer to wirelessly powering the world using triboelectricity, a green energy source. In March 2017, a group of physicists at CNI invented the ultra-simple triboelectric nanogenerator or U-TENG, a small device made of plastic and… read more →

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Ideal material for smart photovoltaic windows

Researchers at Berkeley Lab, a Department of Energy (DOE) national lab, discovered that a form of perovskite, one of the hottest materials in solar research currently due to its high conversion efficiency, works surprisingly well as a stable and photoactive semiconductor material that can be reversibly… read more →

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Scientists showcase how to create low-cost solar cells

A team of scientists at Stanford University, including a researcher of Indian origin, has shown how nanotechnology can be used to create crystalline silicon (c-Si) thin-film solar cells that are more efficient at capturing solar energy. The discovery can reduce the cost of solar energy production globally.… read more →

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New-wave connector buoys off-shore energy sector

A new multi-material connector predicted to rinse running costs for the renewables industry launches at Brunel University London in front of experts in wind, wave and tidal energy. Connectors are key components that join moorings for floating devices such as tidal energy converters with their anchors.… read more →

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Next-gen Solar Cells could be Improved by Atomic-scale Redesign

Researchers have uncovered the exact mechanism that causes new solar cells to break down in air, paving the way for a solution. Solar cells harness energy from the sun and provide an alternative to non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels. However, they face challenges from costly manufacturing… read more →

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Students develop solar power-cum-electric car

Driven by the zeal for innovation, a group of mechanical engineering students of G. Pullaiah College of Engineering and Technology has developed a six-seater solar power-cum-electric car at the cost of a motorcycle. read more →

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Polythene-eating caterpillars may help fight plastic pollution

A commercially bred caterpillar can quickly break down polythene bags and may help get rid of the plastic waste accumulating in landfill sites and oceans, scientists say. Researchers, including those from University of Cambridge in the UK, exposed around a hundred wax worms – the larvae of the common… read more →

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First wind-solar charging station of U’khand in Doon

A few Dehradun-based young entrepreneurs have set up what they claim is Uttarakhand's first ‘wind-solar hybrid electrical charging station’ in the city which harnesses power from the wind and sun to provide clean energy which is used to charge electrical devices. The system installed at present… read more →

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Soon, your car could be powered by sugarcanes

Sugarcanes could soon be used to power cars. A team of researchers has brought an oil-free future closer to the reality. The University of Illinois scientists have proven sugarcane can be genetically engineered to produce oil in its leaves and stems for biodiesel production. Surprisingly, the modified… read more →

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