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EAI CLUB MEET- 08 May 2011

Latest News for Energy Efficiency, Solar, Wind, Biomass Power, Biofuels, Waste to Energy

About the Meet:

The EAI Club was formed about a year ago with the goal of building a focused network of cleantech enthusiasts in various cities to exchange ideas and collaborate on cleantech projects both offline and online. The EAI club meets usually comprise exchanging ideas and getting to know cleantech enthusiasts – professionals, researchers, academicians and plain and simple enthusiastic amateurs.

About the Speaker:

Mr.Victor Thamburaj is the founder and CEO of iPLON GmbH, a Germany based firm providing intelligent monitoring solutions to Solar PV farms. An alumnus of IIT Madras, Mr. Thamburaj has more than 5 years of practical experience in installation of large (MW size) and small scale solar PV farms (kW size) in Germany and Italy. iPLON, a revered client of EAI, has so far installed monitoring systems in more than 100 MW of Solar PV farms.

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