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Components of a Biomass Gasification System for Power Production

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Biomass gasifiers are reactors that heat biomass in a low-oxygen environment to produce a fuel gas that contains from one fifth to one half (depending on the process conditions) the heat content of natural gas. The gas produced from a gasifier can drive highly efficient devices such as gensets, turbines and fuel cells to generate electricity.


 biomass gasifier

Biomass Gasifier

Gas engines

Gas engines used in the gasification power plants run on producer gas to produce power. These engines have reasonable efficiencies. Producer gas has a very low air to fuel ratio (1.3:1) compared to other gases (Natural gas 17:1). Hence the engine has to be operated with a different carburetor for producer gas and natural gas. Also, the producer gas can be operated in an engine which has a higher compression ratio. Engines used for producer gas have generally lower in efficiency and they are cheaper. The efficiency of these engines is more than 30%.

gas engine Gas Engine



Power evacuation system

Suitable evacuation systems need to be provided in order to transmit the electricity to the grid (if it is grid connected) or to the location where it is required (if it is captive).


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