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Why Biomass Power?

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Electricity has today become a basic necessity for not just the developed world, but also for the developing and underdeveloped countries. At the same time, the feedstocks used for power generation have been primarily fossil fuel based and non-renewable in nature. Not only will these fuels be exhausted, but they also give rise to harmful pollution, especially in the form of greenhouse gases that lead to climate change and global warming.

This makes it imperative for all countries concerned to consider greener and more renewable sources for power production. Biomass based power production is one such. While there are multiple pathways to produce power using biomass, all these utilize a variety of biomass in order to either derive power directly or indirectly.

With serious concern globally and in India on the use of fossil fuels, it is important for India to start using renewable energy sources. It is equally important for India to explore sources that can bring power in a distributed manner and on small scales so that over 60,000 villages that have no access to power can benefit from electricity. This is where biomass power, and especially biomass gasification based power, will come useful.

Biomass gasification, with its capability to work in kW scales (as low as 20 kW) and its ability to utilize a wide and diverse range of biomass feedstock, is ideally suited for the power needs of many segments. This would serve rural areas where access to power is minimal but an easy access to significant amount of cheap (and many times no cost) biomass is prevalent.






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