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Indian Government Support for Waste to Energy Projects

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MNRE has promoted the national programme for the recovery of energy from industrial and urban wastes. Since this programme seeks to promote setting up of waste-to-energy plants, various financial incentives and other eligibility criteria have been proposed by the MNRE to encourage the participation in waste-to-energy projects.

These are listed below:

  • Financial assistance is provided by way of interest subsidy for commercial projects
  • Financial assistance is provided on the capital cost for demonstration projects that are innovative in terms of generation of power from municipal/ industrial wastes
  • Financial assistance is provided for power generation in STPs
  • Financial incentives are given to municipal corporations for supplying garbage free of cost at the project site and for providing land
  • Incentives are given to the state nodal agencies for promotion, co-ordination and monitoring of such projects
  • Financial assistance is given for carrying out studies on waste to energy projects, covering full costs of such studies
  • Assistance is given in terms of training courses, workshops and seminars and awareness generation


Indian Government Support for Waste to Energy Projects 

Government Support for Urban Waste to Energy

Government Support for Industrial Waste to Energy


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