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Hybrid Technology Involved in Solar Plants

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Systems with more than one source of power are called hybrid systems. It is often desirable to design a system with additional source of power. The most common type of hybrid system contains a gas or diesel powered engine generator. Another hybrid approach is a PV/Wind system. Adding a wind turbine to a PV system provides complementary power generation.

Solar Hybrid Concept

  • A hybrid remote power system integrates two or more power sources, using intelligent controls to manage the system operation
  • Inherently reliable due to multiple power sources
  • PV Hybrid systems generally use diesel generating set-capable of providing full rated power on demand as the second energy source
  • The proportion of PV/Battery and Genset can be designed economically i.e reducing of 40% to 60% and to 2-3 days of the autonomous power from solar array and battery respectively depending on the site isolation profile.

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