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Solar Photovoltaic-Wind Hybrid System

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As the wind does not blow all the time nor does the sun shine all the time, solar and wind power alone are poor power sources. Hybridizing solar and wind power sources together with storage batteries to cover the periods of time without sun or wind provides a realistic form of power generation. The system creates a stand-alone energy source that is both dependable and consistent.

The hybrid solar wind turbine generator uses solar panels that collect light and convert it to energy along with wind turbines that collect energy from the wind. Solar wind composite power inverter contains the required AC to DC transformer to supply charge to batteries from AC generators.  Hence the power from the solar panels and wind turbine is filtered and stored in the battery bank.

The PV-wind hybrid system returns the lowest unit cost values to maintain the same level of DPSP as compared to standalone solar and wind systems. For all load demands the levelised energy cost for PV-wind hybrid system is always lower than that of standalone solar PV or wind system, while this system has still not achieved market maturity, in future the PV-wind hybrid option is expected to be techno-economically viable for rural electrification.

Obviously, hybrid solutions are not feasible in non-windy locations. Besides, hybrid solar-wind solutions are mainly applied to electricity production. In applications as water heating (where solar is widely used) hybrid solutions don't make direct sense.

In India, after the success of the first-of-its-kind pilot project, of setting up a solar hybrid system in one of the villages at Morni hills, Haryana in 2008, more panchayats have come forward to get similar system installed in their areas. Several panchayats have approached the Haryana Renewable Energy Development Agency (HAREDA) and there are plans to put similar projects in the Aravalli belt of Haryana.




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