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Optional Components to Set Up A Captive Plant

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While setting up a solar plant, a few components can be installed optionally.

 i. Trackers and Sensors

 There are two types of tracking systems:

  • Single axis tracking system.
  • Double axis tracking system.

Know About Trackers


Electricity production


Single axis tracking system

Increases 20-30% relative to fixed

Only 10-15% higher than fixed

Double axis tracking system

Increases 30-40% relative to fixed

Only 15-20% higher than fixed systems



ii. Meters and Shunts

Having a meter, helps in data-logging and monitoring the state of your system. This helps in claiming warranties and also early fault detection.

Shunts are introduced if there are chances of electrical interference, like in grid-connected or Power generator connected systems, or to introduce an added tier of safety when it comes to electrical discharges from batteries or other components where it is introduced.

It is basically a low-resistance path which ensures that current only flows through it and no other crossing wires.


iii. AC Generator (back up)

If your system is off-grid, it is wise to have a back up AC generator, in cases of system failure or shutdown for maintenance. It can be any kind of DC generator, linked to the inverter which then can be used as a stand-in system for the critical loads.



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